DIY 10 Minute Office Facelift for Under $3.00!

Last Friday was a great day for me, I got to shop Michaels and Target all in one day and although the outing took a bit longer than anticipated I left with some great finds to aid in my upcycle challenge room with Habitat for Humanity, and Michaels even sent me a tweet back – yay what a great start to the weekend!

One of the items I picked up was this wonderful K&Company SMASH clear triangle tape.  I fell in love with the vintage feel of this design and had a couple ideas brewing in my head with what I wanted to use it for before I walked out of Michaels.  As an added bonus the tape was on clearance for $1.29 a roll!  I found 4 rolls on an end cap and quickly snagged them up.


Just last week I also picked up a plain white plastic trash can from one of my local thrift stores for $1.00 and although it lacked any design it was definitely functional and I knew I wanted to add a trash can into our epicycle challenge space so the $1.00 price couldn’t be beat.  You may have one of these trash cans already in your bedroom, bathroom, office, or craft room.  They can also be picked up in  your local dollar store.

Upon leaving the store with the tape I hadn’t thought about the trash can just yet until I got home and unrolled the tape and was testing it over some mixed media artwork I was planning but it just wasn’t right.  My Mom then said “hey, what about that trash can?!”  I picked up the trash can, and, wow, did it make an instant statement.  The clear tape and triangles really popped on the white background.

I added the tape in two rows along the top edge of the trash can and one along the bottom outside.  This is the part of the project to really have fun, use your imagination with different tapes and designs!


Upon completion of the trash can I realized I had hardly used a quarter of the roll of tape (the SMASH tape comes in 32 ft. rolls!) and had purchased 3 more.  So, I looked around for what else I could use the tape on and it hit me – my plain white craft/sewing/office table and chair!  I purchased the chair and table top from Ikea about 10 years ago and still use them for my combined space and never really gave thought to changing them until now.

I experimented with the tape on the chair seat edges and sides, and decided to give the back some love too, take a look:


For the table top I added one stripe around the edge:


Then I went a little further and added some finishing touches onto my upcycled baby puffs containers and matching PFAFF sewing machine:


The easy part about this is that the tape is positionable so you can try different designs to see what you like.  I was debating on adding more tape to the top surface of my workspace, but dinner was starting to burn so I decided on stopping where I did… but I may go back and add more, after all I do have 3 additional rolls of tape left!

And here’s the final space all together, the orange really pops in the space and the blue coordinates wonderfully with the back wall:



What do you think?  I love this project and the statement the items make together and that it cost me under $3.00 (with the tape being on clearance it was really under $2.00!)  It is such an easy, super easy, DIY project for you to do in under 10 minutes- although it probably took me closer to 15 minutes in total because as I had a one year old constantly tugging at my feet- but seriously, anyone can do this project!

Although the trash can was originally purchased for my upcycle challenge room I now have different plans for it.  It will be on loan to the upcycle room and then I plan on the trash can making it’s permanent home with its coordinating desk, chair, sewing machine, and organizers.  Who knew a trash can could be so much fun and trigger the start of such a fun project.

So, time to hit your local craft store this weekend and see what inspires you, you may leave with one idea in your mind and end up with something totally different and unexpected.  This project took just a couple of dollars and can make a huge impact in your bedroom, bathroom, craft, or office space.  Happy DIYing this weekend!

Love, Kate

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    I LOVE IT!! Maybe I’ll use this tape on my lamp shade, what do you think?!

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