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BusyBeeKate-CREAMSignDo you have an extreme sweet tooth?  Cookies AND ice cream together should do the trick…. And as if CREAM couldn’t make these combos any better they are now adding in new and improved cookies, waffles and do’sants… making even more crazy good combinations for you to choose from!


Recently I was invited to check out CREAM and sample their new & improved line of CREAM cookies (2.0,) as well as their new waffles and do’sants which were recently added to their menu.  I didn’t know what to except and all the options were so amazing, I seriously wanted to try every combo but that just wasn’t possible or they have to roll me out of the shop 🙂  They did allow us to try as many options as we wanted though and I was excited to see both Vegan and Gluten-Free cookies, as well as dairy-free ice cream available.  


As soon as I walked into the CREAM store I felt like I was in heaven, everything smells and looks so good.  It reminded me of my childhood as my Mom baked a lot, and the smell of fresh cookies from the oven always takes me back to those days.   I love these CRAZY GOOD cookies, 2.0 style!


After a few minutes in the store I was greeted by a gentleman who I soon learned was one of the co-founders (Jimmy) of CREAM in 2010.  Upon learning more about CREAM I was drawn to the story of how it was founded and impressed by how much they have grown in such a short period of time.  

In 2010, Jimmy and Gus led the Shammies family in opening the first CREAM location in Berkeley, California. The store was a “…throwback to their childhood, when it became a “thing” for them to sandwich rich ice cream between mom’s fresh-baked cookies making one-of-a-kind cookie ice cream sandwiches.”  Here’s Gus passionately talking about the business and what we’d expect on our visit.


Gus talked about how upon opening the CREAM founders made four promises.  “The first was to provide premium products made from our own proprietary recipes with superior ingredients. Next, keep costs low so that happiness remains affordable for all. We also wanted to delight each customer by showing you the same love you’d show your own BFF. And, of course, a fun and relaxed atmosphere where an impromptu karaoke song and dance session could break out at any moment!”

CREAM locations have been popping up everywhere lately, and it’s easy to see why. You’re able to pick up to two flavors of freshly baked cookies, AND the type of ice cream you want, AND toppings if you want those too.  And now with the added waffles and do’sants (their version of a cronut,) you have even more options.  


I loved waffles and ice cream as a child and this instantly became my favorite of the bunch!


The warm, fresh cookies (including Vegan & Gluten-free options) and artisan ice cream make for an amazing dessert or special treat any time of the day.  The Vegan and Gluten-Free options tasted really good and it would be hard to tell the different between those and the non-Vegan and non-GF cookies. 


They have choices that will tickle everyone’s fancy. If you have a dairy allergy, they have dairy free (soy-based) ice cream too. 


I love that they have so many ice cream and cookie selections. The cookies and all baked goods you choose always comes out warm and freshly baked.  


Many of the establishments are small and some do have some seating options while others don’t. The service was friendly and everyone working there was upbeat and welcoming.  They are also very accommodating when I wanted to try some samples to help narrow down my choice!   


Their Very Berry Strawberry ice cream may be the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had.


It’s a 3-step ordering process: choose your cookies/waffles/do’sant, ice cream, and toppings.  Here’s a look at their menu:


I love that you can make any combo you want and the cookies, waffles, and do’sants are served warm, so that the sandwich has that perfect combination of warm and gooey with cool and creamy ice cream.  I like that you can literally build your own to your custom liking on all categories.  All their sandwich served warmly with cold refreshing ice cream makes for a crazy good dessert combo!



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