Con’t… Upcycling Old Artwork with Homemade Gesso

Earlier this week I shared with you my homemade gesso recipe and one of two projects we completed for the Upcycle Challenge room.  Today I want to share the second project!  I received a ton of kind words about this artwork and that it reminded guests of something you’d see in Anthropologie.  Wow, what a compliment!

Here’s what this old Ikea artwork looked like when we started:


Using the same process as in our other pair of photos, we made and applied the gesso and sanded.  This time I went with a lighter sanding to give the pictures more dimension.  After sanding, I applied the yellow paint color which I wanted to use for the wavy lines.  

Thankfully making these lines is a much easier and neater process thanks to Frog Tape Shape Tape now available.  (The yellow we chose for our stripes just happened to look every similar to the color of the tape which is not recommended!)  After painting the yellow on the canvases and allowing to dry we applied the tape for our stripes and painted white over the canvases.

After the paint dried we removed the tape and start sketching!  This is the fun part.  I had an idea of a large bird cage and bird to go with our nature-inspired room theme and more of a loose brush stroke, as you see below.


After we were done painting the bird cage, bird, and hearts we thought it looked a little too bright for our room, so we added some copper paint on top of the pictures and we loved how this tuned down the yellow and white.  We also took a light sanding to the bird to give him more dimension.  Here’s our final artwork:


We love how this project turned out and have received many compliments on it.  Now only for Anthropologie was looking for new artwork designers!?

Love, Kate

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