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For those of you that are new to my site, welcome, thank you for stopping by!

I’m Kate, a food allergy Mom of two living in Northern California with my family.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia and we travel back frequently to see family and friends.  I own a small business (Vintage Vinyl Journals) and also this blog!  Here I love sharing allergy-friendly recipes and as an entrepreneur at heart and I am passionate about supporting other small and women-owned businesses as well.  As a family we live an active lifestyle. I enjoy baking, fitness, thrifting, anything vintage, DIY, sewing, eating healthy, music, the outdoors, my pet bees, and giving back to the community. 

My daughter is 5 years old and my son just turned one year old this past summer.  While we *don’t think * (he hasn’t tried all the foods in the world just yet!) my son has any food allergies, my daughter is allergic to peanuts, eggs, kiwi and pineapple.  (she outgrew many other allergies as well.)  She also suffers from environmental allergies. 

I am passionate about baking especially allergy-friendly foods and we have been enjoying homemade cakes and cupcakes for many of our celebrations, and most often toting along a safe cupcake for friends and family parties too.

Over this past 6 months I have been working on creating an allergy-friendly baking box called Kate’s Safe and Sweet Baking Box to help you create “pinterest worthy” cakes or cupcakes that don’t require a degree in pastry arts and hours upon hours of work in the kitchen.  

Kate’s Safe and Sweet baking box is the first baking box for children and families with food allergies, celiac disease and special diets. 

And *BIG NEWS* I will be crowdfunding in iFundWomen starting October 1st!

Read below to learn more about Kate’s Safe and Sweet Baking Box and how together we can help to make life #SafeandSweet ❤️

So what is a “baking box?”

Kate’s Safe and Sweet Baking Box will include almost everything you’ll need to bake a safe* cake or cupcakes for your celebration.

Complete with Kate’s exclusive own allergy-friendly (top 8 allergen free) cake mix that requires no eggs and just a few pantry staples, step-by-step directions, recipe cards, and fun decorating items – parents can feel confident in baking a cake or cupcakes even if they never have done so before. And most importantly parents will feel good about serving it to their family (with food allergies, celiac disease, or those on a special diet) and be able to celebrate with less stress and more fun.

Whether it’s for a baby shower, a birthday, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any holiday in between, the baking box can be ordered online with just a few clicks and arrives at your doorstep in just a few days. The box includes decorations that will have your guests asking if you stayed up all night making the cake – but don’t worry that secret is just between us 😉

How Can I Get My Own Baking Box?

With your support we can make.this.happen.  Your contributions to the campaign (the KSSBB campaign page is coming soon on October 1st) will help to fund the final development and next stages of the Kate’s Top 8 Allergen Free Cake and Frosting Mixes.  It will allow us the ability to work with our co-packers and place our first order, as well as building cake decor item inventory (toppers, sprinkles, candles, and more.) 

Total funding will also assist us with obtaining a dedicated allergen free warehouse space and to help with necessary fees like California State food processing fees and local county licenses and certifications.  

It is time for an easier, tastier, and simpler solution.  Time to make life #SafeandSweet ❤️

Please join our email list here to be notified when the campaign is live and when the first baking boxes ship!

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*Safe for one person may not mean safe for another or for your family. While our cake recipes are still in development it will not include any of the top 8 allergens (or require any of the top 8 allergens to make). It will be free from oats, coconut, sesame, sulfites and while we are working on being corn-free, sourcing corn-free & top 8 free sprinkles has kept me up many, many nights — but we are working on it! Rest assured the ingredients will be clearly listed with facility information as well so you can determine if the product is safe for your family.


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