Birthday Reflections [&] Mint Chocolate Chip Double Layer Cake {Vegan & Allergy-Friendly}

As I am getting older my birthdays are more about reflections of the past year and my goals for the upcoming year.  This year was a year of adjustments and new beginnings for our family.  The biggest adjustment for us this year was when we learned about my daughters food allergies throughout the year, and experiencing first-hand how severe her allergies are.  (I haven’t gotten up the guts to write about the ‘day we saved our daughters life’ due to them, but am hoping to soon.)   

This new knowledge has lead us to make big changes in the food we consume.

While I don’t want to get too side tracked here (because I know you all want to see this yummy cake,) I want to reflect upon how my husband and I have spent the last year learning so much about food allergies and incorporating many changes into the way we eat.  We’ve gone from eating conventional produce to organic; GMO foods to Non-GMO foods; we purchase our meats only from a local farm with organic practices.  We’ve started eating less processed foods and less sugar, and treating ourselves to those foods more in moderation.

I also recently did a 21-day detox diet where I did not eat any sugar, any processed foods, and removed a bunch of other foods from my diet due to some health issues.  During the first 3-4 days I honestly wasn’t sure I’d make it through, but I did (yay!) and afterwards blueberries and apples never tasted so sweet and I have a new fondness for them.

Due to our diet changes I was on the fence about a birthday cake this year.  I have been making a ton of apple dishes recently so I was sort of getting tired of apples and chocolate was “calling my name,” so I decided to give into the urge and make a cake.  Each year my Mom usually makes my cake for me, but I decided with the food allergies and dietary changes to give it a go myself this year.  

I came across this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie which I fell in love with at first sight.  And while it includes a bit more sugar than I’d like for it to have, it looked devine and I settled on making it has a treat in moderation for my birthday.  The recipe already called for no eggs, dairy or soy so with just a few adjustments I decided this was the “cake for me” this year.  

I was a bit confused about the icing she used for the recipe and with limited time for failure and second attempts I decided to make my own trusted icing and add a bit of pure peppermint extract in.  If you are a mint fan, the icing was unbelievable (why didn’t I think about doing that sooner?!)   I opted not to dye the icing green so the looks of the cake can be a little deceiving but it sure did “pack some peppermint punch!”  


The taste of the cake was phenomenal.  My {non food allergy} family who came by to celebrate yesterday couldn’t believe how moist and tasty this cake was.   You could never tell it was free from eggs, dairy, and soy.  The kids kept saying it reminded them of mint chocolate chip ice cream, which is my favorite!

I would definitely recommend giving this recipe a try….  I made a few adjustments to it as noted below:

– I used whole wheat flour (not pastry as I did not have it on hand, and it worked great)
– I used melted coconut oil (vs. vegetable oil)
– I used Coconut milk as the yogurt (So Delicious brand)
– I included the mini chocolate chips (Enjoy Life brand) & added some on top too!

Here is my slice of cake… sorry I cannot share it through the screen.  It was wonderful to be able to share it with my food-allergy daughter.  We both savored every bite.  This recipe is being added into my rotation of cake recipes for those special occasions 🙂  And a big thank you to Chocolate Covered Katie, not only does she have an awesome name but also an awesome recipe!



Love, Kate


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