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Holidays Recipes Sweet Treats

Kids in the Kitchen – {Allergy-Friendly} Chocolates & Almond Butter Cups

I’ve been doing my Thanksgiving holiday prep for what feels like weeks now.  Due to our food allergies we are prepping our entire Thanksgiving meal and bringing to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner.  Thankfully we don’t have to travel far (just 35 steps, yes, I’ve counted,) and we’re there.   This week I focused on […]

Recipes Sweet Treats

Kids in the Kitchen – Wacky Cake {for Dad}!

 My daughter and I have been doing much more baking together now the holidays are approaching.  She really enjoys pulling over her high chair and helping me out in the kitchen.  She’s great with mixing (and getting a little messy too!)    This week we made a fun Wacky Cake for my husband.  He recently […]

DIY & Crafts Holidays

Kids in the Kitchen – Paper Plate Turkey Craft

My daughter and I love to do crafts together and we started getting into the Thanksgiving spirit with these fun paper plate turkey crafts this week.  They are easy to make and a fun way to decorate for the holiday while making memories together.  Paper plates make such fun bases for projects (like these bees we […]

Breakfast Recipes

Kids in the Kitchen – Blueberry Pancakes {Allergy-Friendly} & Learning to Count!

My daughter and I love making pancakes and I have them in our breakfast rotation about very 3 or 4 days.  I try to switch them up with our favorites being honey-apple, blueberry, and (our new favorite) double chocolate chip!  When we were growing up pancakes were my favorite too, my Mom has a knack for […]

Holidays Recipes Sweet Treats

Kids in the Kitchen – Halloween Chocolate Treats {Allergy-Friendly}

A friend of ours sent over some fun Halloween gifts for my daughter last week which was so thoughtful and she was so excited to get them in the mail.   I immediately was excited to see jell-o jiggler molds included.  I haven’t had jell-o in years (and my daughter has never had it due to […]

Appetizers & Snacks Recipes Sweet Treats

Kids in the Kitchen – {Allergy-Friendly} Crispy Brown Rice Treats

I have been in the search for some tasty {and nutritious} snacks for my daughter and I to enjoy in the afternoon.  And while our go-to snacks are usually fruit I try to switch it up every few days and would love to have more snacks that have some protein in them.   Since my […]

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Kids in the Kitchen – Easy DIY Shiny Crowns and Bracelets

I love making crafts out of items that would otherwise be trashed.  My husband usually nags me about saving too many things – cereal boxes, yogurt containers, glass jars, etc, etc… and sometimes if I don’t use them quickly enough he snags them for the recycling bin. After finishing up some yogurt we used in our birthday […]

Kids & Family

Kids in the Kitchen – Feeding Time at the Zoo

We are animal lovers in our home and we love visiting our local zoo frequently, where we have a membership to.  For this weeks Kids in the Kitchen I borrowed a book from the library called Feeding Time at the Zoo (newer version here) which talks about the food all kinds of zoo animals eat.    The […]

Breakfast Recipes Sweet Treats

Kids in the Kitchen – Crock-Pot Baked Apple Slices

September screams “Apples” and I love it!  My family and I are big apple fans and every year for about the last 10 years I would celebrate my birthday by going apple picking with my parents.  It has been a fun and memorable tradition that I look forward to every year.   Last year we had the […]

Appetizers & Snacks Breakfast Recipes Sweet Treats

Kids in the Kitchen – No Bake Energy Balls {Allergy-Friendly}

I feel like my daughter is getting into a “snack rut,” and most of the time I offer her fruit for a snack, and while fruit is very healthy I want to try and switch up her snacks a bit so she doesn’t get bored. For this weeks Kids in the Kitchen I decided to […]