5 Minute Individual Ice Cream “Cakes” {Allergy-Friendly}

I often talk to other food allergy families about how we want to try to keep some things the same as much as possible for our children as their peers by trying to make them the same foods using their safe options for parties and get togethers.

Recently we were invited to a family birthday party for my nephew and whenever I get this invitations I always ask what food they will be serving.  This one happened to be a cookout with an ice cream cake as dessert.

My daughter is starting to really get to the age where she wants to eat what everyone else is eating, so I made sure to prep similar foods at home and bring them with us.  My brother gave us our own side of the grill and I placed our foods in a disposable tray and used separate utensils to avoid any possible cross contamination.  I also made us our own allergy-friendly ice cream “cakes” which I’m sharing with you today!

I was a little short on time and decided to make our ice cream “cakes” with no cake in them – like a Dairy Queen or Carvel version – and into miniature versions so I could have some frozen for future parties.  (My nieces and nephews tend to choose ice cream cakes for their birthdays and we have a bunch upcoming!)

For my 5 minute individual ice cream “cakes” you’ll just need:

– Small plastic cups (bathroom size work great, but you can also make a larger version cake with any sized plastic cups)
– Your safe ice creams (we love Luna & Larry’s and chose their vanilla and chocolate for ours.)
– Your safe cookies (we love Enjoy Life and chose their double chocolate chip for ours.)
– And, a spoon for scooping!


Decide how you want to layer your “cake” before you begin.  I decided on vanilla on top, cookies in the middle, and chocolate on the bottom and made five of them at once.

Start by scooping out the flavor that you want on top and press it firmly into the cup:


 Next, crush your cookies and add them into the cup(s).  Press down firmly.


 Add your second choice ice cream and press down firmly: 


Cover with plastic wrap and freeze.  I recommend freezing them for at least an hour or overnight to let the ice cream freeze back up.  

Once you are ready to enjoy remove them from the freezer and let them sit about 3-5 minutes, this will allow the ice cream to soften up just a tad.  Then turn over the cups and the ice cream “cakes” will easily be able to be removed and enjoyed!

I sprinkled ours with some leftover cookie crumbs or you can top yours with your favorite safe frosting or chocolate syrup.  

Here’s how they came out… they aren’t super pretty, but they sure are cute!



One of the great things about these is that they are easily transportable.  Just put an ice pack in a cooler and remove them from your freezer in the cups and take with you.  When I arrived at the party I just popped them back into the freezer to let them freeze-up again in time for dessert. 

I loved making these individual sized as well and my daughter was so excited to get her own “piece” of ice cream “cake!”  One was just the perfect-sized dessert for her!



Love, Kate


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    • Diana
    • September 12, 2014

    These are so adorable!! Look fun to make too! 🙂

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