(2015) 12 Days of Allergy-Friendly Favorites – Day 6: Frozen Goods

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Welcome to Day 6 of my 12 Days of Allergy-Friendly Favorites!  (If you missed the last five days, check them out here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5) Throughout these next 7 days I am sharing some of my favorite products and companies with you.  Some of these make wonderful gifts to someone with food allergies (or a parent,) and show that you really care about them and their food allergies.   Please note I was not paid to write about any of these companies and all opinions are my own.

(While this is a guide to help you with gift ideas, please always do your own research and to use this article as an aid when choosing what foods, products, and companies are safe for you, your (food allergy) family, and friends with food allergies.  The author makes no claims regarding the presence of food allergens and disclaims all liability in connection with the use of this article and site.)


Here are some delicious frozen goods options:

  • Amy’s Kitchen –   Amy’s maintains both a peanut and egg free facility and have a wide-range of frozen products that are very tasty.  We love Amy’s products in our house, they are made from real food ingredients with no additives, no preservatives, and no GMOs.  You can find quickly prepared fast food items from stuffed sandwiches, veggie burgers, pizzas and burritos to complete meals.  Check out their products here, where you can search by type of product.  They also now carry family size of some of their products (shown below,) these are great for feeding the entire family!


  • Dr. Praeger’s – Dr Praeger’s products consist of veggie burgers, spinach littles, fish sticks, Sunwiches, and more – with many gluten-free options. Their products are produced in a peanut and tree nut free facility.  And they clearly label on their packages that products are processed in a facility that also processes fish, soy, milk, wheat and eggs.  According to them, “the equipment is thoroughly cleaned prior to manufacturing products that don’t contain these ingredients in order to prevent cross-contamination.”  Looking for their products?  Check out their store locator here.  


  • Ian’s Natural Foods –  Ian’s as a wide-range of products from chicken nuggets, french toast sticks, pizza, potato tots, fish sticks and more.  Ian’s facility is peanut and tree nut free and they have many items that are gluten-free and egg-free.  My daughters personal favorite is their alphatots!  According to Ian’s, they specialize in Allergen Control Manufacturing, which is accomplished by their “…stringent standards in our USDA/ FDA facility. We adhere to very strict manufacturing guidelines, any possible contaminant (like wheat, egg or dairy for example) is removed from the manufacturing area, and the equipment and room is sanitized from floor to ceiling. The equipment and construction materials are designed for complete wash-down and sanitization that exceeds strict regulatory and food safety requirements. Production is scheduled and completed based on the allergen profiles for each day. In addition, samples from each run of finished product are checked for the presence of peanut and egg by an independent testing laboratory.”  You can search their website on where to locate their products here.  

Ian's products

Have you tried any of these products?  Leave a comment with some of your favorite allergy-friendly frozen products!  

Don’t forget to come back each day to check out more of my allergy-friendly favorites (tomorrow I will be sharing my favorite jewelry and accessories!)  And on Day 13 (December 13th,) join me for a big giveaway of some of the products I have featured here.  One lucky winner will win a bundle of products worth over $750!  


This site is not intended to provide medical advice. The suggestions here are not intended as dietary advice or as a substitute for consulting a dietician, physician, or other medical professional. It is the reader’s sole responsibility to determine which foods are appropriate and safe for his or her family to consume. Always consult your doctor. The author makes no claims regarding the presence of food allergens and disclaims all liability in connection with the use of this site.

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