15 Non-Food Halloween Treat Ideas {Great for Kids with Food Allergies}

(Don’t forget to check out the 2015 version of this guide here!)

This will be our first Halloween where my daughter sort of “gets it,” and with her food allergies I’m more nervous about trick-or-treating than anything else.  Since the start of our new food allergy group one of the Moms had a wonderful idea of doing a truck-or-treat which I had never heard of.

Truck-or-treating is a safe way to experience Halloween.  People gather and park their cars in a large parking lot, open their trunks, or the backs of their vehicles, and decorate them. Then they pass out candy {or non-food treats in our event} from their trunks.  The event provides a safe family environment for trick or treaters.

We decided to make our event candy and food-free which is perfect for our food allergy kids {and parents} of the group.  Our event will be held outside our local library in one of the adjacent parking lots which should work out great!  This year I am excited to join in as a family and for my daughter to experience trick-or-treating without all the worry.

Below I’ve put together some fun non-food Halloween treat ideas – these are great for kids with and without food allergies – because we all know they get a lot of candy on that evening.  {The prices and links for where these can be purchased are below the graphic.}


1. Mrs. Grossman Stickers {Made in USA} – They offer a variety of stickers which can be cut down into smaller sizes.  I love these “Halloween Things” stickers, and they have hundreds more to choose from.  Cost: 3 sheets for $2.20.

2. Halloween Masks – Kids love masks and at $6.15 for 12 these are a fun way for them to ‘scare’ their friends.

3. Glow BraceletsThese not only remind me of Halloween but of the 80s, they are fun to give out and when the night gets dark they are super cool.  Cost: 100 count for $24.99.

4. Funny Glasses – where the perfect disguise with these kids favorite!  Cost: 12 count for $2.99.

5. Crayola Crayons {Made in USA} – because kids can never have enough crayons!  You can also divide up larger crayon packs into ziploc bags.  Cost: 24 count for $1.00.

6. Fall Suncatchers – A craft like this is tons of fun for kids to take home and enjoy after Halloween.  Cost: 24 count for $9.50.

7.  Neon PencilsNeon is still going strong this season and these pencils make it fun for kids to do their homework.  Cost: 10 count for $1.99.

8. Dinosaur Stencils – Kids will have a dino-mite time using these cool stencils.  Cost: 12 for $5.50.

9. Glow in the Dark BallsThese glow-in-the-dark bouncing balls will be sure to lighten up the kids Halloween adventures.  Cost: 48 for $6.25.

10. Wooden PuzzlesThese will be sure to bring endless fun on road trips and restaurants. Cost: $1.00 each.

11. Glow in the Dark Spider RingsThese fun creepy spider rings feature yellow glow sticks that slide into them!  So much cooler than the traditional plain ones we had in abundance growing up.  Cost: 4 count for $.99.

12. Halloween Notebooks – Kids can use put these tiny notebooks in their schoolbag to jot down quick notes, questions or homework.  Cost: 24 count for $7.95.

13. Rubber Stamps – Something about these stamps remind me of my childhood.  I used to spends hours upon hours playing with them, and kids today seem to enjoy them just as much.  Cost:  50 count for $10.30.

14. Pirate Eye Patches – Sail the mighty seas with this fun eyepatch.  Cost: 10 for $2.00.

15. Small Paint Books {Made in USA} –  Paint Books are a fun activity for all ages, you just dip a cotton swab or paintbrush in water and use the provided paint palette on the pages to transform the page into a colorful masterpiece.  Cost: 12 pack for $11.99.

(Don’t forget to check out the 2015 version of this guide here!)

Happy Halloween!

Love, Kate

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    • Diana
    • September 17, 2014

    Such great ideas, kids would love any of these. My favorite would be the glow in the dark bracelets, plus they can put them right on and be more visible in the dark on Halloween night!

      • ktadmin
      • September 25, 2014

      Oh, I LOVE those bracelets, they remind me of the 80s and roller skating 😉

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